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June, 2012

Mr. Demarco, I strongly admire your work. I am a Faithful Roman Catholic who has a very distinct opinion on Church Architechture and the Decoration of Church Interiors. I read this BBC article concerning the rebuilding of St. Andrew's Cathedral:


Your plan is a marvelous idea! The Catholic Church, I'm sure would love to have such a place of pilgrimage, especially when it is the Largest Cathedral in Scotland. Whatever happened to your plan? There has not been much said about it in the long term. I ask you to try and rebuild this glorious building. Make some more noise to the public, start a campaign!

It would be a good idea to try and contact the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of St. Andrew's and Edinburgh and seek their opinion on the matter. I will pray for your work.

I have seen some reconstructions of the Cathedral. The building itself looks great. To see it restored would be something spectacular. If you restore it, make it traditional, high altars and beautiful decorations. Make room for an Organ with a Choir. The reason that the catholic church has fallen in the last 20-30 years is because of the loss of beauty in churches (which was another result of Vatican II). St. Francis gave his life to the poor, but never spared gold for the altar.

If you wish to make a reply, leave something in the comments.

God bless you.

United Kingdom
June 30, 2012 11:28

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